Just because one is entering his/her 30s, it does not mean one needs to stop going out, having fun or experiencing new things by meeting new people. In fact, dating in your 30s is just getting fun. All you needs is a little assistance in finding the right individual to do these new things with. And this is why over 30 dating sites and dating apps are here for you. Here are the 10 best dating sites for 30 somethings that you could try.

#1 Match

This is the best mainstream dating site for 30 somethings today. The site has been facilitating marriages, dates and relationships for the past 12 years. Match.com went public in 1993 and has maintained a leadership role in the dating scene over the years by continually improving its user experience to suit its users and as a result it has attracted a wide range of online daters.

Regardless of how aesthetically pleasing a dating site or app can be, what matters is its user experience and Match.com has this covered. Its matching algorithm is one-of-a-kind as it personally improves one's matching capabilities each time one uses it. As compared to other sites which normally use lengthy questionnaires to calculate one's possible dates, Match.com considers the features, qualities and attributes that one wants to better match one. To simply put it, Match.com learns who you are so as to match you better each time one logins in.


  • Match Guarantee: If you don`t find someone special during your first six months, you`ll get another 6 months free.
  • Takes into account user behavior and feedback
  • Extensive discovery and search opportunities
  • Regularly adds new functionalities and features
  • Attend Stir events
  • The largest database of memberse


  • Confirmations on the site are not instant
  • You have to pay to send messages.
  • Online to offline process is lengthy

#2 Adult Friend Finder

This is a well established dating site best for singles over 30 looking for casual or one night sex hookups both in-person and online. Regardless of the fact that new and less comprehensive dating sites are emerging, AdultFriendFinder has far passed the time test and continues to grow in popularity. The site is a sexual oasis catering for a wide range of daters from those who are single, in open relationships, in committed relationships and even those in need of sexual gratification. AdultFriendFinder comes complete with adult chat rooms, adult videos, live member webcams and a lot more.

The site has all the basics features that dating sites have. However it goes a mile further to provide extra tools to make a user's online dating experience more interactive, pleasurable and sexual. AdultFriendFinder exceeds typical dating sites people are used to as it includes social media aspects and adult sites. The site majorly focuses on sexual resources and dating advice which include sexual education.


  • View VIP members and hot members near you
  • Live Model Chat
  • Best hookup site for 30 somethings
  • It is reputable with large loyal member base
  • Offers plenty of communication, search, cyber sex and discovery options


  • Their matching system is not data-driven
  • Membership fee is exclusive of other costs such as model videos, sex courses and purchased points

#3 Elite Singles

Elite Singles is known for professionals over 30. One of the best dating sites for educated professionals. Even though it was popular in the UK first, the site is spreading to other regions and is competing with other popular dating sites. The site is a more full-blown and data driven and because of this it takes matching very seriously. In fact, the site is so serious that the enrollment process takes about 45 minutes to only fill a personality questionnaire with more than 100 open-ended and multiple choice questions. Luckily after filling up these questions, the site automatically completes the profile and filters the settings for the user.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature about Elite Singles is that it has released a dating site and a dating app at the same time which have minor differences unlike the other dating sites. However if it is your first time to use this site, it would be probably be best to stick with the desktop version as it comes with prompts and tips on how you can best use the site and how to start conversations.


  • Best dating sites for single professionals in their 30s
  • Its matching system is detailed making it matches the best
  • Its profile is comprehensive with highlighted similarities making it for users to identify their potential dates
  • Offers extensive filtering, verification and privacy options


  • Enrolments process is very long
  • There are no search options
  • Complex for new users

#4 POF

With the largest membership base as compared to other sites, POF is the oldest and biggest dating site on the web. POF is a great alternative for those not willing to spend any money but want to meet available singles. Its service is free unless one wants to pay for premium features. The site runs on advertising to compensate for the free services and hence whoever signs up with it should be ready to put up with lots of ads that pop up every time one logins in. because of these advertisements, POF doesn't offer the smoothest online dating experience.

Signing up is pretty easy and does not take long as compared to other sites. Once one has opened an account with them, the site provides you with compatibility and a Relationship Needs test among others to make your search more easy and productive.


  • Huge member base
  • Complex search feature
  • Very popular


  • No video chats or chat rooms
  • Lacks ID confirmation
  • Scammers and fake profiles are the biggest problem

#5 Skout

With over 46,000 members, Skouts has been matching people since 2007. It is among the top leading date matching site on the market currently. The site acts as a friendfinder, chat-roulette style messenger and matchmaker catering to all kinds of companion seekers who want to find someone who suits their personalities.

Skout takes pride in community building as their objective is to bring together people searching for a friend either at home or when abroad. The site uses location to provide suggestions and because of this, it is best for individuals travelling alone, new in town or those looking to make more friends.

With various features to choose from such as chat rooms, attractions available, Skout focuses on making friends rather than finding a date, however it still encourages all relationship types.


  • Offers fun and safe environment


  • It has a younger user base. Minimum joining age is 13 years
  • One can receive overwhelming amount of messages

#6 Coffee Meets Bagel

This is a more laid back but still effective and efficient dating app with an intuitive interface, casual-friendly and useful feedback and data as compared to casually-sexual environment. The site is full of helpful tips, varied communication alternatives and gives limited matches per day.

However the site doesn't make an effort to match one with those he/she is mostly compatible with, it pairs users according to friends of friends on Facebook. Users communicate through chat room that is time limited which means that opportunities expire hence pushes one to get the ball rolling quickly.

The most outstanding feature about this site is that it offers one helpful tips and feedback which make one's overall experience better. It has also added new features that are more relevant and useful such as photo lab which assist one to select the best picture to use in the profile to boost success rates.


  • Has a large female member base
  • Interactive and multiple tutorials


  • Because it suggest matches depending on friends of friends, it could lead to possible awkward future encounters
  • Also friends of friends could mean old friends you had deleted years ago or exes

#7 Hinge

This is the new dating app for 30 somethings on the market that is lately generating a lot of buzz for being anti-Tinder, one of the best Tinder Alternatives. The app focuses on matching individuals for relationships and not hook ups. Since it uses one's Facebook profile to create matches it requires one to at least have a friend on Facebook using the app. Therefore the more friends one has on Facebook who use the app, the more matches one is likely to get. Even though its functionality is limited, it is the best option for those weary about the safeness of dating apps.

The app rewards its users for taking dating seriously. It offers Milestone Marketplace free gifts for couples who have met over the app and have hit certain milestones in their relationship. Unfortunately, these gifts are only for a limited time. Relationship milestone include; first sleep over, getting a pet, getting engaged, moving in, having a baby and honeymooning.


  • Free to join
  • Serious Daters


  • No matches guaranteed

#8 Tinder

This is one of the most popular online dating app as of today. It allows users to customize their matches depending on their location. One can either use their Facebook account or create a new account. The app allows one to view profiles from 1 mile to 100 miles away, receive profiles based on one's age range choice, send messages to matches, get matches based on one's votes, and scroll through matches and vote.

Registration as well as membership is free and one doesn't have to pay to sign up. The app's user interface is simple and offers one various options for quick voting and communication. There is no need to go through extensive searches or enter lots of details to find a match. One can either provide an overview about themselves or even use facebook information.


  • Large member base


  • Too many scammers and fake profiles

#9 Okcupid

This dating site is sleek with no frills which can be noticed from its user experience and reputation. It is easy to join as the process is immediate as soon as you arrive at the site. One can opt to use their Facebook account to sign up or create a new profile. On signing up, the site offers you great encouragement for example tells you "best password ever!" if one has created a secure password. After opening an account, the site straightaway takes you to a section where you will personalize your profile where you will either fill out open-ended questions or a yes or no questionnaire.

It is free to join however you can opt to upgrade by paying. Okcupid offers both enemy compatibility and match compatibility percentages for each profile visited.


  • Free to join
  • Straightforward and simple user interface
  • Upgrading is cheap


  • For one to access full features one has to pay
  • Limited selections

#10 Chemistry

As a sister site to Match.com, Chemistry.com is familiar and reassuring regardless of it being a new site. Chemistry.com is a great alternative for those who are already familiar with online dating experience. The site emphasizes on getting to know each other more through personality assessment which is its matching algorithm basis. The personality assessment seeks to understand one's character and traits so as to categorize him/her as a Negotiator, Director, Builder or Explorer from where match suggestions can be prompted.

The site's layout is easy and simple to navigate. One is required to pay to sign up, however not mandatory but is good as it will prevent annoying pop-ups and ads from showing. The main menu is found at the top of the page and it is where you will see new matches, received and sent winks and also your stream. The stream will show your matches and whatever they are posting online.


  • In-depth personality test
  • Casually flirts with winks and games
  • Cool newsfeed like feature


  • Not mobile friendly
  • No chat rooms, video chats or forums
  • No matches guaranteed
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