Do's and Don'ts of Friends with Benefits relationship

Online dating is more normal than ever, more and more singles start using dating sites and apps to find FWB. Friends with Benefits relationship refers to a casual connection. It's a relationship in which two people bear a purely physical connection with... Read More

Do's and Don'ts for Dating Over 60

Whether you are a man or woman aged over sixty, dating is a tricky task. This can be a time where you get back to dating after a long break, and suddenly you may feel out of place. The good news is that it is not a weird fact to start dating and have... Read More

Why Being Single is Awesome

It may not seem at first that being single is all that awesome because so much of our popular culture is dedicated to happy couples. This is... Read More

3 Useful First Date Tips

You have broken the ice, messaged the person you are interested in getting to know better, and you are ready to propose meeting for... Read More

Review of Paid and Free Dating Websites

There are so many popular dating websites that are ready to search your soul mate throughout the world without making any restriction over distance from where you are. If you are looking ahead for a long lasting romantic relationship then it ... Read More

The most popular dating sites vs. eHarmony

Dating trends have been changed a lot due to digitalization which has changed the way people used to do dating. Nowadays, there are no restrictions of age and gender for dating and, singles, all over the world are opting for using the dating websites to find their dream partner. This has lead to the development of dating websites on a large scale... Read More

How to Spot Fake Dating Profiles

On the real world, it is easy for us to decode the fake from the authentic. There are obvious signs that determine a fake bag from the authentic such as the logo, stitches, pattern and the materials used. However, in the online dating world, it is pretty challenging for us to separate the fake profile from the authentic person. According to the statistics... Read More

Does Online Dating Site Really Work?

If you are like anyone else out there, you will see that there are all kinds of online dating sites these days. The main question that you may be asking yourself is quite simple; does online dating site really work? Now since the rise of the internet over half of all of the couples have met each other online. People are abandoning last call and... Read More

Which Online Dating Site Is The Most Popular One?

The internet has redefined the way people build and nurture relationships. It breaks geographical boundaries, making it easier to get in touch with other people. It has also provided an innovative dating platform. With the popularity of different dating... Read More

Tips on Choosing Your Online Dating Profile Picture

No matter what dating website you go to they will all tell you that choosing your profile picture is key. Studies have shown that profiles with pictures have a 70% better shot of getting clicked than those without. With that statistic, the next... Read More

Five Tips - How to Meet Girls Online

Let's face it, not every guy has what it takes to walk up to a girl in a bar and ask her out on a date. Online dating solves the problem every guy has, which is how to get a hot girl to go out with you. This should not be misunderstood, even the super-hot... Read More

Dating 101: A Quick Guide to Writing a Dating Profile

Love is a battlefield, even in the online world. Online dating has slowly grown into a competitive arena where it only takes a person one click to find his or her one true love and another click to be overlooked by them. That is why one of the... Read More

How to Choose a Dating Profile Headline

Creating an interesting headline for your dating profile is always a critical task and it demands real efforts. Presently there are so many dating websites that assist users to enhance their connections up to any distance and it becomes much... Read More

How to Start a Conversation Online?

Are you trying to get to know someone for a special date? If yes, popular dating sites services can make it even more convenient for you. You can finally start a conversation with someone whom you are compatible to date with. Those people... Read More

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