Be Careful About Online Dating Scammers

As online dating becomes more widely accepted, the scam carried out through it increases too. Unfortunately, despite the awareness, more people fall victim every day. A typical scammer usually tries to lure as many prospects as possible. And recent statistics show that each scammer succeeds once out of every fifteen attempts on the average.

To avoid being a victim, there are signs and signals you must watch out for. Some of them have been discussed here. First of all, you need to pay a lot of attention to his responses. Do they answer your questions perfectly? Or do they seem generic? This is because most scammers usually have prepared set of message lines for their prospects. If his replies do not answer your questions convincingly, the whole affair may be a scam.

The second signal to watch out for is poor grammar. Most of them write poor English. Once you begin to see that, you should be careful. However, you should not conclude with this. Instead, watch out for more signals.

Since scammers want to attract as many victims as possible, they make use of very attractive pictures which are usually fictitious. When someone looks too good to be real, you need to be on guard. You need to ask for more pictures to check consistence. Don't be deceived if he is able to send several pictures of the same person, he may have several pictures of that person. Rather, take it a step further by stipulating the kind of pictures you want him to send.

There is nothing wrong in doing an online search on his name. A simple Facebook search should give you a good lead. The research should give either of the following two results – If you find any Facebook account with the given name, check if the picture and other information tally with what he has told you. But if you don't see any account, you should begin to suspect something. All the same, you need to ask him for the details of his Facebook account and ask him why he didn't use his real name.

Scammers used to ask for money directly but since people are generally wiser, they no longer yield to such cheap scam. Now, they have gone a step further. They now discuss their financial predicament with you so that you can offer to help out of love or fondness. And to convince you further, they initially make to reject the offer. When your date begins to discuss such with you too soon, please stay away.

Another big tip is to suggest a meet-up as soon as possible. Most scammers will definitely object to this and they give several excuses. But someone who likes you for real will definitely jump at the offer. Some scammers use the difference between your geographical locations as an excuse. Apart from using the locations as excuse, some scammers may cash in on this to extort money from you in the name of airfare. This is why you should go for someone within the same locality, county, or farthest, the same state.

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