Five Tips - How to Meet Girls Online

Let's face it, not every guy has what it takes to walk up to a girl in a bar and ask her out on a date. Online dating solves the problem every guy has, which is how to get a hot girl to go out with you. This should not be misunderstood, even the super-hot studs still get left out to dry when they try to get a girl's phone number. The world of online dating makes this a whole lot easier.

Even though online dating sites exists simply to make the process of meeting someone easier, it can still be a little bit complex because it's all in the details. Let's take a look at some tips for boys on how to meet girls online.

Choose a popular dating site

There are millions of dating sites on the internet today and you need to know just the right one to use. Also, the possibility of internet fraud means that you need to select a website that properly protects you. You definitely don't want to stumble unto the profile of some beautiful young girl you think may be the one and find out it's actually a guy fooling around with you.

Get a super cool profile write up

Apart from your profile picture, this is what sells you. Look at it this way, why do top companies in the world today spend a lot of money on advertisement? This is because the advertisements get the customers. Think of your profile as your way to advertise yourself to beautiful girls. Don't be ashamed to do a little research to find out how to write a good profile. Girls always respond to guys with fun and witty profile write ups.

Use a great picture

Don't use pictures that are blurry or make you look like a wannabe (this is a hint for just in case you were thinking about taking a picture with a stack of money). Use something cool and properly illuminated. Simply be yourself.

Never come on strong

Girls are amazing creatures and can smell desperation from a mile away. If you are trying to get a girl on the internet, be sure to play it cool. Start with a simple "Hello, I saw your profile and I think it's cool". Don't ever go with "Hi, the moment I saw you I knew you were the one, I think I'm in love with you". This will always get you laughed at and the only reply you would get would be a sarcastic one.

Be yourself, be witty

The whole point of online dating is so that you can find someone that suits you. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Be fun and witty, and you would see that she would fall for you in no time. When she asks what you're up to on a Friday night, don't seem pretentious and lie about having to go a tear up the clubs with your guys. Just talk about how you're at home eating ramen noodles; you may be surprised she's doing the same thing!

Don't stress it if it doesn't work out: If there is a particular girl you are gunning for and she isn't giving you the light of day. Don't worry; your opportunity would definitely come. Just relax.

These tips are a sure way to meet girls online. Be yourself, it's the best strategy!

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