Flirting Online or Flopping Online?

Flirting Online

Online dating is becoming more and more popular, as well as the explosion of social media applications and dating websites. The increase in interactions among individuals begs to ask the question of flirting, and what you should or shouldn't do. If you are also asking yourself the question of flirting without flopping, you are not alone.

Today's society presents us with more social options that just a few short years ago. Our social media outlets are a great way to meet new people, find friends or find someone to date. We have a new set of outlets in today's world, and with it, we are struggling to find a new set of rules for etiquette and appropriate exchange inside of them. When you are expressing yourself, or feeling flirtatious while inside the social realm, do you feel like you are hitting big or losing out on the social scale? We have all seen the floppers with their flirtatious over reaching with lousy selfies and shocking attire. There are the cute flirts, but unfortunately, there is the omg-what-was-that flirting that can make you question your own participation in the entire world of social media.

Making a splash online with selfies is a great tool in flirting, but first and foremost your individual creativity should be within the guidelines of the social scene you are involved in. A sporty selfie isn't going to be as popular in a clubbing circle, as a sharp looking nightclub ready snap! We have all seen the horrific flops from individuals that took nothing into consideration but exposing themselves and using substandard language.

Language is another important thing to consider when you are flirting online. Using ugly and profane words are typically not as impressive to readers and followers as sweet, fun vocabulary. Using proper English is also a plus in the expression of your fun side! "Whatcha doing tonight?" is not as appealing as, "I am trying to make plans tonight, and you?"

Always smile, whether you are taking a selfie or writing, your smile always comes through in writing and pictures, smiles are the magic of attraction in photos. Imagine a dry, wilted flower asking the butterflies to come pay attention to it. The butterflies do not see the entire flower devoid of color and light and they drift on by. The same is in the presentation of yourself online.

You should be vibrant and creative, and flirt with a happy face and a giddy vocabulary to attract the audience you would most like attention from. Above all, enjoy your time while online dating and do not be afraid to experiment. Creativity is a much welcome element in social circles along with genuine contributions and fun interactions.

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