How is Dating in your 30s vs. in your 20s?

There is no doubt that the things you like doing in your 20s have nothing to do with the things you enjoy in your 30s. If you take a look at the past, you might find out that you are two different people and that nothing really connects you with that person you used to be. Your friends, your ideal night out, even the dating process are entirely different. Let's take a look at the key points of these differences in order to better understand your needs to either of these ages.

Date Prospect

When on your 20s all you want from a date is to have fun, nothing more and nothing less. You don't care if this isn't the right match, you want to spend your night with a person that makes jokes and knows how to make you have fun. Dating in your 30s, you want to settle down. Every date might be the date that will help you find the one and only.


While in your 20s, all you want from a guy or a girl is to have that spark everyone is talking about. You don't care about compatibility, all your heart desires is a person who is making you feel goosebumps every time he/she looks at you. This completely changes over the next decade of your life, when compatibility is all you can think of. This is why most people are searching for the best dating sites for 30 something. It's all about finding a mate who shares the same interests, passions, and way of thinking with you.

Sex Related

Both women and men dating in their 20s just want to have fun with exciting new lovers and spend their days telling their friends all about it. Quality doesn't really matter, especially for boys who get overexcited. You want different partners in order to offer you different experiences and fun stories. On the other hand, once you reach your 30s. You already know what you want, and you are not settling in for less.


When you are 20, you want a handsome man or woman to be beside you, mostly to show him/her to all of your friends. This is the ultimate goal, and you don't really care about the actual person and the chances that you have to be together for a long time. In your 30s, as long as you have figured out what you want, looks are not that important anymore. You are seeking different qualities from your partner.

These are two important decades in every person's life; it is the 20s where you are finding who you want to be and what kind of people you want to have by your side. By the age of 30, you can pursue these dreams and make up your life exactly as you want it to be.

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