How to Spot Fake Dating Profiles

On the real world, it is easy for us to decode the fake from the authentic. There are obvious signs that determine a fake bag from the authentic such as the logo, stitches, pattern and the materials used. However, in the online dating world, it is pretty challenging for us to separate the fake profile from the authentic person. According to the statistics, at least 1/10 profiles on any online dating sites are fake and more than $50 million to scam-related romance. According to one popular dating site, the amount of fake profile they delete on a daily basis is around 600. So what are their determining factors in distinguishing the fake profile from the authentic? Here are some of the similarities that you can spot on fake dating profiles.

Signs of Fake Dating Profiles

Relationship Status

Based on the recent study, scammers like to receive sympathy from others. This is how they attract their possible victim. One of the ways to do it is to use "widowed" as a relationship status to receive compassion and empathy from others. Around 63% of all the fake profiles that were banned have this status. By using the "widowed" status, people will look at them as a more vulnerable and harmless human being.

Educational Background

A considerable amount of the fake profiles also contains a similar educational background. More than 50% of them are claiming that they have a doctorate status, and 32% of them have a post-graduate degree. Scammers like to appear educated so people will see them as a person with no capacity to scam others.


If you look at the fake profile, you will notice that they have a pretty limited amount of photos (maybe 2 or 3). They also use the profile photo of a model or their favorite actor. As much as possible, scammers and fake profiles do not want to reveal their true personality. We have to be discerning about this factor. Do not initiate a conversation with someone just because they have a pretty striking photo. In the event that they have a huge collection of photo, take a look at the names of their albums. An authentic profile usually named his album with the name of the place together with the date that the picture was taken. Fake profile seems to be random about the name of their album such as "My Friend", "My Family" or "School".


Similar with their photo, the details included in their profile is not detailed. Most of the time they have a wide range of preferred partner and they are willing to date any religion, height, weight, age and race. It is impossible for one person to be too lazy when it comes to filling out their profile. So when you see someone with barely any information included in his profile be sure to avoid interacting with that person.

Small Network

If you noticed their friend list, they have a low amount of people connected with them. They will just send an invitation to random users and wait for them to accept their request. No one knows them in real life, and he does not interact with others that often unless people will approach him first. No one tends to notice his posts, and he seems virtually inexistent.

These are some of the similar signs that are constantly found in the fake or scammers profile. Make sure to be cautious with those people who own this kind of profile.

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