Dating 101: A Quick Guide to Writing a Dating Profile

Love is a battlefield, even in the online world. Online dating has slowly grown into a competitive arena where it only takes a person one click to find his or her one true love and another click to be overlooked by them. That is why one of the trickiest parts of online dating is knowing how to write your dating profile in the right way. To be part of the statistic that triumphantly finds love online that eventually and successfully progresses into a happy marriage, then it is prudent to be informed of what should be done and what to avoid when writing a dating profile.

Your Profile Is All About You, Not Who You Prefer To Be With.

The first important point about writing your dating profile is that your profile should eighty-percent about yourself, and not who you want to date. If you want people to take an interest in you, then give them the opportunity to read about you in your profile. A dating profile is the only avenue where you can showcase all the wonderful things about who you are, and that will help any prospect reach to a decision of whether they would date you or not.

Honesty is Really Still the Best Policy.

In the competitive world of online dating, it never hurts to be depicted in the best possible light in order to attract more potential suitors. However, that must never extend beyond what is real. Where flamboyant words and grand gestures fail truth and sincerity would work. In figuring out how to write your dating profile, expectations must never be set unrealistically high. Setting them not only deceives the other party, but it also ruins actual chances for a successful dating relationship.

Keep It Short, Sweet, and Intelligent.

Another thing to remember on your profile is to make sure to make your potential suitors smile as they read it. A good dash of intelligent humor in your profile makes you memorable. Write engagingly by sharing bits of yourself that are enough to capture attention but never drag on and bore them with it. Potential dating partners don't need to know everything about you right away. A little bit of mystery could go a long way.

Let Them See a Striking Photograph of Yourself.

A grinning photo is still the best kind to post on your profile. You want people to be taken by the image and not put off or scared off by it. The picture must give a sense of who you are and the general ambiance around you. Be the focus but make sure it is not self-taken.

Safety Always, Always Comes First.

A final advice on how to write your dating profile – secrets must remain secrets, and private information must remain private. Never include personal information that may compromise your safety and security.

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