Raya - The Best Tinder Like Dating App for Celebrities

Although online dating is considered by many people to be very passé. The truth is that their creators are continually coming up with new and novel ways to make online dating that much more enjoyable. In particular, when you take a look at Raya Dating App you will be struck by how easy it is for celebrities to find love. This dating app is considered by many to be the Tinder like app for the rich, famous and influential people.

Raya - Exclusive dating app

However, not everyone can join Raya Dating App. In fact, to become a member you will need to satisfy an algorithm that involves Instagram and mutual connections with existing Raya members. Also, you can only become a member if you are recommended by someone. And you also need to satisfy a selection committee. More importantly, you may have to spend a lot of money to become a member because it is not for free.

Controlled experience

If you are accepted by Raya Dating App then your experience will be rather controlled. To keep things as private as possible this app will carefully curate your application. And even the interface of the app is designed to be very private. If you do something that is not allowed by the rules, you will immediately be kicked off the app.

Takes getting used to

Some people may be put off by the membership model of Raya Dating App. But once you get used to things you will find the app to be quite refreshing. Although not everyone would agree that exclusivity means that it is better than the ordinary. The fact is that it is quite cool to use Raya Dating App. After all, you can swipe past celebrities and also prowl for sex on the phone. But in reality, not many people have this kind of success.

Very selective

The truth is that Raya's members are not exclusively celebrities because many C-listers are also members of this app. The fact that Raya Dating app is the Tinder for celebrities also means ordinary people will not be able to mix with the celebs. Whereas Tinder allows everyone to join up. Raya is very selective and often it attracts the wrong kind of people.

Attracts cool and young celebs

The creators of this app want to draw the young and cool celebs but they end up attracting rich people and successful people. The female members of Raya Dating App are those who have modelled for famous magazines like Vogue. However, when you meet women through this app, instead of enjoying a mild flirtation you may end up being asked for work. Women like to use this app to network and to look for work. In other words, this app is not a real dating app but is more of an app used by people to climb the social ladder. The people who would like using this app include surfers and models.

Many of those who were accepted by Raya say that they failed to find a date even after a year of searching. Compared to Tinder and Happn and Bumble, which are genuine dating apps. This one is more about social climbing than dating.

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