The most popular dating sites vs. eHarmony

Dating trends have been changed a lot due to digitalization which has changed the way people used to do dating. Nowadays, there are no restrictions of age and gender for dating and, singles, all over the world are opting for using the dating websites to find their dream partner. This has lead to the development of dating websites on a large scale which not only are classified according to their features, but also according to the people who can use them. For an instance, there are the websites which are specifically designed for the senior single, adult single, bisexual people and more. Beside these, there are also the websites that can be used by the people of every age and gender.

Though all the dating websites have their own features, but here we are going to compare the most popular dating websites which are- and eHarmony.

  • Matchmaking process - eHarmony follows an automated matchmaking approach to find a perfect match for you. After registration you will be asked to fill a questionnaire, named as Personality Questionnaire which contains over 100 questions. If you are concerned that what these questions are all about then let us tell you that these questions will be about your personality, your hobbies, your interests, beliefs and more. These questions let them know about your personality and thus, they find the right matches for you who are having the same kind of interests.
    In contrast, the is not much automated. You can register on the website and can search through millions of profiles to find out a match that is perfect for you. No doubt that you can narrow down the search by choosing the city, age, religion and more, but still you will be required to browse through the profiles to find a perfect match.
  • Features - Along with the fully automated match making process, eHarmony offers you lot of security features which help you remain safe while searching for your match. And whereas the is concerned it provides you a pool of cool features like personality testimonials, "Date Spark" and more. All these cool features help you to find the right match for you.
  • Pricing - The pricing of both these dating websites is different. offers you a free trial period of only seven days whereas eHarmony offers a free base account to you. But, if you will compare their monthly charges for membership, then you will find that the eHarmony is expensive than But, all it depends on their features that which one is offering best at affordable rate.
  • Match quality - deletes its old members automatically, who remain inactive for too long. Thus, you are not required to deal with the users who have used the site months ago. Though eHarmony does not offer this policy, but their matching system is just perfect which lets the users to find the partners with whom they can develop long term relations.

No doubt both the popular dating sites have their own features, but it depends on you that what type of match you are looking for. You can make a selection accordingly.

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