Tips on Choosing Your Online Dating Profile Picture

No matter what dating website you go to they will all tell you that choosing your profile picture is key. Studies have shown that profiles with pictures have a 70% better shot of getting clicked than those without. With that statistic, the next question is: so how to you pick your online dating profile picture? Here are some tips on what to do when deciding:

1) Use a picture that is current. By far this is the biggest mistake people make when picking their profile picture. Sure you loved the way you looked at 22 but if you're now in your 40s, it's time to update your picture. Have a friend take a few shots for you and give you an honest opinion as to which one is best.

2) Don't stop at one picture. Some people have just one picture – their profile – and that's it. People looking to date want to get to know you as much as possible by reading (and looking at) your profile. Add some pictures to let them know who you really are. Are you a huge bowling fan? Take a picture during league night. Are you an avid dog-lover? Get your own pooch in on the picture. The goal is to be open and honest about who you are from the start.

3) Don't use a photo that contradicts your self-description. If you talk about how dedicated you are to vegetarianism in your profile, don't use pictures that show you chowing down on chicken nuggets. You want your pictures to showcase who you are in an instant. You also don't want to come off as making things up about yourself. Use photos to their greatest potential by aligning your words with your pictures.

4) Use a picture that is really you. Of course you took over fifty photos of you at the last wedding you attended and probably looked great. But was that hairstyle really how you look in everyday life? Probably not. Save the super dressed up and made-up looks for an additional picture, but use the profile picture of when you looked your best from everyday life. It is a clearer representation of who is going to show up on the date.

5) Use a candid shot, rather than a formal one. Again- use something where you look yourself and comfortable. You want to let people know what an evening out with you would be like. A formal shot has its place, but it is only a snapshot of one night. Let everyday-regular-you tell the story with your profile picture.

Consider your profile pic as your virtual first impression. Don't downplay how important pictures are when choosing one for an online dating profile picture. Think of how you want to portray yourself, but be realistic and honest. It's the best way to start the foundation of any relationship off on the right foot.

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