Top 6 Unspoken Rules About Online Dating

There are so many unspoken rules about online dating for singles looking to mingle. Whether it is about the dating sites you should use versus the ones you should avoid or the things you should or should not include on your dating profile, it can get exhausting trying to remember everything.

The 6 Dating Advice Rules You Should Know

1. Don't speak in all caps.

Constantly speaking "LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME" gets really annoying for the people you're talking to. It can be hard to tell whether you are angry, yelling, or your Caps Lock button is broken. Either way, use proper capitalization please.

2. Avoid overusing emojis.

A smiley face or a wink every once in a while can spice up your conversation but using emojis in every single message you send just ends up making you look childish. Reduce your use of emojis if you are talking to someone you're interested in.

3. The way you speak says a lot about you.

People like intelligent people. If you are speaking as if you never got through elementary school, people will expect you to be, well, not very bright.

4.Do NOT send nudes when they aren't asked for.

This should be shouted from the rooftops. Just don't do this. Introducing yourself with a naked picture is a surefire way to make sure you don't get a reply back from a person who is worthwhile.

5. Be honest without being overbearing.

You never want to start a relationship based off of lies, so why lie about yourself over the internet? Of course, you probably would want to avoid the "I live in my mother's basement and play League of Legends religiously" but you could say you are "trying to get your feet on the ground and are tech savvy". See how the second one sounds a lot better?

6. A good profile picture will make people notice you.

A profile picture should be just you in a well-lit area with some decent clothing. Avoid shots of you and your friends as your profile picture. Feel free to add group pics to your dating profile to show you are fun-loving but avoid making people try to pick you out from a crowd. (Don't just crop everyone else out either.)

So, there you have it. The 6 rules you should keep in mind when you're online dating. Hopefully this dating advice will help you attract more singles so you can find your perfect match, no matter what dating sites you use. Go forth and find your mate!

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