Why Being Single is Awesome

It may not seem at first that being single is all that awesome because so much of our popular culture is dedicated to happy couples. This is something that many single people are reminded of at family reunions and Thanksgiving dinners much to their discontent. However, if you are still single there are many things that you can appreciate when not being with someone.

Here are five reasons why being single is awesome and something that you should enjoy for as long as you want.

Greater Independence

Perhaps the most obvious difference between singles and married people is the level of independence enjoyed by those without a partner. You don't have to divide the labor up in the household, you can get things done on your schedule, and you handle all aspects of your life which means more responsibility, but more freedom as well. For singles, being in command of what you want to do, when you want to do it is perhaps the most awesome aspect of being single.

More Sleep

It's probably not surprising that single people get a deeper, more restful sleep than those who are married. Being single means that you don't have to worry about someone lying next to you who snores, hogs the blankets, or kicks you at night while the sleep. Of course, a single person might snore, hog the blankets and kick in their sleep, but that's probably not going to wake them up.

Higher Resiliency

Because single people must put up with more in life in terms of being stereotyped and ignored, they are also more resilient. For those who have been single a long time, the resiliency has become second nature and pays off in ways that are not obvious. This means that the trials and tribulations that go along with being single will help create a stronger you.

Greater Employment Potential

At 2012 study from the University of Chicago revealed that while about 90% of single people had found work after being affected by the 2009 financial crisis, only 22% of married people were able to find a new job. There are many reasons for this, but single people are not as tied down to one location because of children or family commitments as their married counterparts. Plus, since single people must provide for themselves and have no one else to rely upon, they are more likely to pursue every job opportunity.

Better Fitness

Studies have shown that single people spend more time exercises than those who are married or who have been divorced. The regular amount of exercise provides many benefits to the body and keeps you better protected from illness and disease. Since regular exercise releases endorphins, you not only are in better shape, but you feel better as well.

All of these advantages helps to make being single an awesome experience. While it's not a life for everyone, it is something that even those who plan on getting married will benefit from thanks to the many experiences it brings.

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